Education project

At Entrenaranjos International School, we recognise the unique characteristics of each student. With this approach, and thanks to small class sizes (approximately 18 students per class), we can adapt the curriculum to the different stages of development of each child.

During the education process, we provide each child with the tools needed to successfully face the future, such as knowledge of English, an ability to think critically, independence and creativity.

For this reason, our education project is based on four basic cornerstones. These are:

icono bilingüismo del colegio entrenaranjos international school


For more than three decades, our students have received early instruction in English. However, we have taken a great leap forward in becoming a bilingual school, with mastery of the English language as one of the mail tools of the future.

icono educación musical del colegio entrenaranjos international school

Musical education

Music is a preferential consideration when it comes to focussing the education of our students: musical education has a very positive role to play in the learning of numerical, logical and abstract concepts. By encouraging music, we develop our students’ grasp of mathematics. At the same time, the influence of melodic and musical study encourages discipline and the ability to study, and improves concentration and self-esteem. Furthermore, music is, of course, fundamental to the development of creativity and sensitivity.

icono deporte y salud del colegio entrenaranjos international school

Sport and Health

Sport as a medium that encourages an awareness and appreciation of the human body, the adoption of sound hygiene and eating habits, participation in games and activities devoid of any type of discrimination, the culture of effort and teamwork.

icono valores del colegio entrenaranjos international school

Education in values

Educating students in values is to participate in an authentic process of personal development and construction. Education should not be restricted to the acquisition of certain knowledge; rather, above all, it should be understood as the process of culture formation. To educate students in values is to create able, competent individuals. The aim of our centre is to prepare children to build a fairer, more tolerant world with a focus on the future.

Just as we start from our four basic cornerstones, we cannot forget the use of new technologies in the education of our students. We live in a society immersed in technological development, in which the advance of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has changed the way we live. The speed with which ICTs have made an impact on our lives means that if we do not become part of the ICT universe, we will become “computer illiterate”. Our children have been born with this knowledge as part of their day-to-day existence, something that requires no effort on their part to learn. Furthermore, it is an additional (and more attractive) tool for their day-to-day training.

In the area of education, it has been proven that ICTs can be of great assistance to teachers and students. At Entrenaranjos International School, we foster and promote the use of ICTs to turn learning into a collective, participative experience. We educate our students on how to use these tools now and in the future. To do this, digital blackboards, a laboratory and the IT room are essential in our day-to-day operations.